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Shetland wool Sock Kit giveaway- December 2012

Shetland Croft Wool..... Sock Kit.

Well its that time again....snows here and will be with us until about 20th April, it's a very Long Cold Winter here in Quebec !
 The sheep dont seem to mind the snow. I leave the door open during the day so they can go in and out. Inside the barn its cozy and dry. The hay mangers are filled and overflowing with the best quality semi-dry silage hay......  they can eat as much as they need to stay healthy and warm. The sheep spend their day frolicing in the i mind the snow. Inside my rubber boots i like my feet to be Toasty warm and dry so i can enjoy doing my barn chores....there is nothing more miserable than cold, damp feet !

And here's my newest yarn....''shetland Croft Wool''

This is made from 100% shetland wool raw fleece that i purchased on the internet.
( my sheep are not ready to start supplying me with wool until next spring.....Can't wait as i know our little flock have really lovely quality fleece)

winner of November giveaway

winner is....... congrats to GPC ! You are the shetland wool blogs 1st random winner.......Please contact me(cottagecraftangora(at) so i can ship your yarn out on Monday.
 let me know if you want the natural colour or the Black and purple hand dyed.

Thank you to all who enterd.

Check out the next giveaway....more shetland yarn in Natural Moorit and medium grey !