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Shetland Heather-Lacy Glove kit giveaway for April 2014

Beautiful Heather ! After the dark long winter we have been through in North America we could all do with some much needed colour. The photo above is some very Beautiful heather found in the British Isles.  I don't know about you but that colour makes me smile & my Spirit Soar !   And here is the Shetland Heather lacy glove kit that is a Warm welcome on a fresh Spring morning ! Knit circular on 3.5mm's with all over lace stitches that add such a feminine touch to the open fingered gloves. 100% Organic Shetland wool is light & airy & Perfect for all seasons. There is something very comforting about pure organic wool yarn & Knitwear that you DO NOT get with crappy Acrylics. Crappy Acrylics are just a waste of knitting time. In no time at all knitwear looks shabby... like its been to hell & back so what do you do....put it in the garbage....more crappy land fill ! Wool on the other hand is well worth your knitting time & Healthier for you & the Enviro…