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It's still Winter ! Shetland Tundra smokering giveaway for March 2016

It's still Winter...... I don't know about where you are, but here in Southern Quebec we are still having lots of snow & today it's very cold. I LOVE Winter, have even grown to love the snow & boy do we get a LOT of snow. We are right up in the Adstock mountains, ski country, so you can imagine....lot's of snow !
I just love how everything is White & gleaming, its a true Winter Wonder Land.
            This is the perfect weather to wear a lovely Shetland Tundra smokering.
I have one & I seldom take it off. It's light & Airy but has all the lovely wooly characteristics that you get only from pure sheep wool(well it does have 15% Qiviut too) so that helps with the softness & drape !
(Above)This is the style of the smokerings i used to make. This one is lace. I find lace wool yarns to be very rigid, i don't care for that, i like my knitwear to have a lovely supple feel with plenty of body
& bounce to it.

(Below) I now make these from …

Winners from February giveaway !

And the winners are......
Sorry for the delay making the draw.....swamped with mill work again !
The winners are as follows: Fly_gal22 was the 1st number drawn followed by Bonnie.
Please contact me so i can mail off your lovely soft yummy yarns.
Please check back soon for another giveaway.....This time its a ready knit item.....I'm thinking a qiviut & Shetland blend smokering as its not even close to being SPRING♥