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Name That Yarn.....giveaway for April and May 2013

Name That Yarn This is it....our newest shetland yarn blend. A lovely soft squishy 3ply, sold in 50 gram skeins. Contains 85% shetland lambs wool-15% qiviut-Musk ox, at $9.95 a skein its not too pricey. the natural colour is a greyish brown looks quite similar to qiviut yarn in its natural state so would make a gorgeous looking, soft feeling, warm shawl, i blended long 4'' inch qiviut into this batch so we should have a lovely Halo with age....yum.....we can also dye the yarns to any of these shades below if greys not your thing !

if you dont know about qiviut this is where it comes from this hairy bugger
...... its soft warm down from the musk oxen who live close to the Arctic circle. Their fibre is 8 times warmer than sheep wool and extremely soft and lofty....its a  knitting Luxury that is well worth the investment ! to visit my musk ox blog go here: every month we have a giveaway so do check it out !

.....and here is the shawl i have been wo…