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Shetland Tundra yarn & Pattern - Giveaway for February 2014

Shetland Tundra yarn 20% Qivut-musk ox down- 80 % Virgin Shetland wool. 50 Gram skeins, 3ply light worsted weight yarn perfect for all the cozy knits that can be worn close to the skin ! Its Amazing how soft the Shetland yarn is with only 20% Qiviut added & i Love to be the first spinner doing such yarn..... To enlarge any of the pictures simply click on them !
Lately i Have been knitting lots of sweaters & larger Projects thought it time to make some small items for a change ! The Texting mitts above are real easy to knit & knit up quite quickly. they have a Delicate Picot edge, circular knitting & knit in 2 sections with the Leafy cuff added at the end. You can make them in the Natural solid Black colour or as i have with a natural shade of  Fawn Shetland Tundra yarn for contrast.

You Will Need : 1 skein of Shetland Tundra yarn,
1 set 3.00mm D.P.N's
1 pair straight 3.5mm needles,
3 stitch markers,
waste yarn(for thumb gusset)
Wool needle-sharp point.

The Pattern…

Winners of the Shetland Lace Smokerings

Happy New Year ! Our 2 winners drawn at Randon are: Congratulations to Quilt Guru & Michele Brelia......please contact me so I can mail out your smokerings in your colour choice.
Please check back for my next sheepy entry.....reversible Shetland wool hats knit from our Shetland Tundra yarn that contains 20% yummie qiviut