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Feather and Fan Scarf- January 2013 Giveaway

Feather and fan scarf with beaded closure Happy new year......another year gone already ! This months giveaway is for the yarn and beads to knit the scarf shown above. Easy feather and fan pattern, old shale stitch, Victorian lace stitch however you like to call it it is so lovely and this scarf has a beaded slide closure so the scarf can be knit shorter as there is no need to wrap it around your neck. Slip both ends of scarf into the tube and slide up to neck.    The yarn is a natural grey and from the softest grey fleece that i purchased on the internet.....its not very soft but i dont know what soft is anymore as i always have my hands in qiviut fiber and once you touch that nothing else can compare softness wise. I rubbed it against my neck and as far as sheep wool goes its not too scratchy ! it would have been much nicer if i had blended the batch with either qiviut or Angora but its too late now ! The winter is on full blast here....4 feet of snow over the past 2 weeks. Have no…