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Shetland Halo-Cabled wool socks

Shetland Halo Cabled Socks. I have this obsession with socks. Hand knit socks. Hand knit socks saved my feet. I'm going to tell you something personal about me. 'I used to have really stinky feet'  It was very embarrassing for me. They were so bad that if i removed my shoes & walked across the floor you could see little damp foot prints !
Once i started to knit hand made socks containing a high percentage of sheep wool the problem went away within a few short weeks. I now wear hand knit socks everyday & my feet are always dry & comfortable. Even in summer they are dry & never overly hot.
                               As a result of the damp foot problem my library contains quite a few sock knitting books. I just finished reading ''In the foot steps of sheep'' Tales of a journey through Scotland, walking, spinning & knitting socks.
What a great read. The Authors style of writing is such that you feel you are w…