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Publishing delays...Too much work !

I'm very busy at the moment getting yarns & fibre ready for the next trade show so i'm unable to work on the next giveaway just yet. Apart from that i have to finish writing up 2 patterns that my lovely customers have been patiently waiting for for a few months now !

The show we are processing Shetland yarns for is the Picton Fibre Fest in Prince Edward County Ontario, Canada. The date of the show is Saturday 27th May 2017. This is the 1st organised show & it should be a fun day with lots of other fibre booth's taking part.

We will have all our usual assortment of Shetland wool yarns & Rovings along with pure qiviut yarns, raw musk ox fibre, Qiviut yarn blends & knitting patterns. And Shetland wool batting. Planning on having some ready knit Qiviut scarves too as there will be non-knitters in attendance. here is a link to the fibre fest
I will be staying at the Claramont inn for the weekend Really beautiful hotel Spa having a much need…

Winner of the March/April giveaway 2017

And the winner is Anastasia with her entry 'Winters Journey' A huge thank you to all who took part, we had so many great names it was difficult to pick just one !
Next blog will be published as soon as i finish the Winters Journey shawl. And here is the fibre used in the next giveaway. A beautiful lace stole pattern called Autumn Glow More details soon♥