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Messy Bun hat pattern-Giveaway for January/february 2017

Here we are in the middle of January.....time is getting away from me again ! you must have seen these 'messy bun hats' doing the rounds on the internet. I already sold 2 & i don't even have the pattern down on paper, Lucky for me, my customer is willing to wait so i thought it would be perfect timing to knit these over January & February.
I really like the look of the crochet hat above(not my image) i found it on Google !  The stitch & texture looks gorgeous. I don't do crochet so I will try to find a similar knit stitch pattern from my stitch bible & include the pattern here.
The yarn-pure Shetland wool is all Natural Emsket & Black. $7.00 Canadian per 50 gram skein from:
I think 2 skeins will do it for each hat as the top of the hat has very little decrease shaping. I'm planning on knitting it with 2 yarns together so the hat is thick n warm. My customer chose these colours, i would liked to have knit i…

December blog winner & Messy Bun Hat giveaway for January 2017 !

The winner of the neck warmer is 'Mindy Whitten' i love the generous size of this new style & now has 3 buttons, the neck warmer is just so soft !

Messy Bun hat...... Have you seen these bun hats. My daughter sent me an image & asked me to make a few of these !
So far the one's i have looked at online are all Crochet but these would be so easy to knit too. Check back for an update to this blog entry for my January 2017 giveaway !  Happy New Year to you all♥