Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ram horns hat pattern

                             Organic lamb pie With Flaky Puff pastry......yummy !

Do you know that one of the traits of Shetland lamb is that the meat is sweet & mild tasting. We eat Shetland lamb about 5 times week now as we just do not trust any commercial meat what with all the additives, GMO's, Preservatives & SEX hormones that are injected into livestock to make them grow quickly. I like to call it CLEAN Living. I will talk more about this in a future post & will be adding some of my family's favourite recipes for Lamb to the Canadian Shetland sheep breeders face book page. This is a closed group, send them a request to join !

While baking Vegetable lamb pie waiting for the family to arrive for the weekend, I wanted to design a chunkier hat with cables & came up with this one. This can be knit over a weekend. I'm planning on knitting several to have them ready for the winter time when family stop over for country weekend breaks(city folk Love the peace & quiet of rural life) Someone always forgets to dress for the cold.

You will need: 150 grams of yarn with about 500 yards. I used 3 strands of our 3ply light worsted weight 100% Organic Shetland wool.
5mm circular needle-40cm,
1 set of D.P.N's size 5mm 
8 stitch markers- 1 contrast.
PomPom maker 3'' inch size(medium)
Wool needle.

The design- has a 2.5'' inch turn up so its really cosy around the ears, easy ram horned cabled pattern throughout, top shaping & a lovely PomPom to finish !

knit throughout with 3 strands of yarn held together.
cast on 88 sts, join to work in the rnd & place a marker to mark the beg of rnd.

Ribbed cuff: k2, p2 for 26 rnds or until work measures 5''inches long from cast on edge.

Pattern Set up - work pattern A, pm(place marker), work row 1 of pattern B pm-continue around working A & B until your back to your first stitch marker. Pattern A is worked over 6 sts & the cabled horn pattern is worked over 16 sts.

Pattern A

1: p2, k1, p2, k1.
2: as rnd 1.
3: purl all sts.
4: as rnd 3. 

Pattern B-cabled horns.

1: k4, C4B, C4F, k4.
2: knit all sts.
3: k2, C4B, k4, C4F, k2.
4: as rnd 2.
5: C4B, k8, C4F.
6: as rnd 2
Rep these 6 rounds  until work measures 8.5'' inches long from cast on edge.

Decrease for top shaping:

dec's are made over the pattern rows A while keeping the cabled pattern correct !
1: p2tog, p4, rep over all sts of pattern A.
2: purl,
3: p2tog, k1, p2.
4: p1, k1, p2.
5: p2, p2tog.
6: purl.
7: p2tog, k1.
8: p1, k1.
On round 9 k2tog on All rem sts.
10: break yarn leaving a long tail, pull through rem sts to gather & sew end inside hat-LEAVE THE TAIL INSIDE THE HAT-you will tie this end together with the tail of the pompom so your PomPom with stay put !
Turn up the brim half way, gently press with a damp cloth & allow to dry then add your Pompom.


I used a plastic pompom maker. Got these in a 5 pack with different sizes from Ebay. They open up so you can wrap quickly(remember the old style pompom makers that were a fixed circle & having to pull yarns through the hole....what a waste of time) I used a size  3''inch
The trick to getting a Full & even pompom is to wrap as evenly as possible having equal amounts of yarn spread over the two chambers & see the hole that should be quite full & barely visible if you want a Full fluffy Pompom !
C4B=put next 2 sts onto cable needle. hold at back, knit next 2 sts from left hand needle, then knit the 2 sts from cable needle.
C4F=same as above only hold the 2 sts at front of work
pm=place a marker

I know a lot of people may not eat lamb or meat for that matter......I'm not prejudice to non-meat eaters. If you do not eat meat then simply say so.

To enter this giveaway tell me if you have ever tried Shetland lamb, did you like it or not. 

Did you find that the taste is very subtle compared to regular domestic lamb ?

One winner drawn at random will receive 3 skeins of yarn to knit the Ram Horns hat.
runs from June 11th TO June 30th 2016.

Next time i will share my best tasting leg of Lamb recipe & how to get the meat falling off the bone with tenderness ♥

Sunday, May 22, 2016

See you in June !

I will be back around the 1st June with another give away.......see soon♥
The winner of the shrug from May was Julie Bothwell.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Easy to knit Shrug.....Giveaway for April 2016

I'm going through a shrug phase again.....

                                     And its still cold here !

And what's not to love about a shrug. Its the perfect quick fix when your feeling just a little chilled & in need of only a little coverage. So easy to knit even though i am DROWNING in projects, not to mention ideas for my New line of Baby hats Inspired by our little Princess Ruby !

Afterall, a shrug is only a rectangle with a bit of sleeve shaping.
This is the cabled version I'm working on today.......not quite finished, still got the left sleeve shaping to do. When complete the pattern will be on my Shetland wool site for FREE. Will add all the page links when i finally get it finished ! 

 My Quick knit shrug is this little beauty below.......knit from Shetland Tundra yarn with 15% Qiviut !
I dyed the grey yarn Navy blue & wanted it plain to go with my dress for Ruby's Birthday party on Saturday.....already a year old, my time does past fast. On Saturday its supposed to be 10 degree' barmy !
Deep ribbed cuffs-4.5'' inches long
I love deep ribbed cuffs because you can pull them back & they just stay there ! The yarn too has lots of bounce & holds it shape really well. The shrug is soft & warm but not too warm-perfect for a Spring day. 
This shrug has No fronts, its simply a rectangle with sleeve shaping !
Is a close fitting garment.
the measurements: Armspan-56'' inches.
armpit to wrist-17.5'' inches
Depth-back neck to hem-26'' unraveld & raveled edge-22''
Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

I will add the pattern here so you can knit your own. Please check back later next week.

Here's what you have to do to win a shrug-yes ready knit :

Leave your comment & choose any one of these colours below. I will hand dye the yarn & knit your Shrug. All i will need from the winner is your armpit To wrist measurement !

Stock photo from cottage craft angora 

Colours from Left TO Right: Hunter green, Sky, Red, Purple, Raven Black, Mahogany, Raspberry, Egyptian Red, Rosewood, Navy blue & Azalea

One winner drawn at random.
Runs from 14th April TO 14th May 2016

Best of Luck to you all !

                                            Will share more lamby pictures next blog post

Friday, April 1, 2016

Winner of the Smokering giveaway for March 2016

And the winner of the Emsket snood is Karen ! Thanks to all who took part.

Check back soon for the next giveaway......a Shetland Tundra Shrug.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's still Winter ! Shetland Tundra smokering giveaway for March 2016

It's still Winter......

I don't know about where you are, but here in Southern Quebec we are still having lots of snow & today it's very cold. I LOVE Winter, have even grown to love the snow & boy do we get a LOT of snow. We are right up in the Adstock mountains, ski country, so you can imagine....lot's of snow !
I just love how everything is White & gleaming, its a true Winter Wonder Land.
            This is the perfect weather to wear a lovely Shetland Tundra smokering.
I have one & I seldom take it off. It's light & Airy but has all the lovely wooly characteristics that you get only from pure sheep wool(well it does have 15% Qiviut too) so that helps with the softness & drape !
(Above)This is the style of the smokerings i used to make. This one is lace. I find lace wool yarns to be very rigid, i don't care for that, i like my knitwear to have a lovely supple feel with plenty of body
& bounce to it.

(Below) I now make these from our 3 ply light  worsted weight. They are so much heavier, warmer & softer !
Ignore the button, the one I'm busy making has not button closure. It's just like a regular neck warmer that has enough length to cover your head & neck so you stay snug & warm !

This is the yarn I'm using:
The yarn looks lighter than it is in real life. The true colour is emsket. Grey with darker flecks in it.
I will update with a picture once it's finished !

To win this smokering ready knit simply leave a comment in the comment sections telling me 

1 thing you love about Winter & 1 thing you Hate about Winter ?

Runs from March 19 th TO March 31st.

One winner drawn at Random on 31st March.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Winners from February giveaway !

And the winners are......

Sorry for the delay making the draw.....swamped with mill work again !
The winners are as follows: Fly_gal22 was the 1st number drawn followed by Bonnie.
Please contact me so i can mail off your lovely soft yummy yarns.
Please check back soon for another giveaway.....This time its a ready knit item.....I'm thinking a qiviut & Shetland blend smokering as its not even close to being SPRING♥

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shetland Halo-Cabled wool socks

                           Shetland Halo Cabled Socks.

Almost perfect cables.....
I have this obsession with socks. Hand knit socks. Hand knit socks saved my feet. I'm going to tell you something personal about me. 'I used to have really stinky feet'  It was very embarrassing for me. They were so bad that if i removed my shoes & walked across the floor you could see little damp foot prints !
Once i started to knit hand made socks containing a high percentage of sheep wool the problem went away within a few short weeks. I now wear hand knit socks everyday & my feet are always dry & comfortable. Even in summer they are dry & never overly hot.
                               As a result of the damp foot problem my library contains quite a few sock knitting books. I just finished reading ''In the foot steps of sheep'' Tales of a journey through Scotland, walking, spinning & knitting socks.
What a great read. The Authors style of writing is such that you feel you are walking hand in hand with her along the country roads & over the hills. Her travels over the land allows her to pick up strewn bits of  wool discarded by the sheep, she then spins while she walks & then in the quiet of her tent she knits socks.The book contains wonderful sock knitting patterns that she designed from the wool she collected & the scenery is breathtaking.
If you love knitting socks & love wool socks then i Highly recommend this book. This book inspired to me to knit my cabled socks using our Shetland Halo wool. I purchased my copy from Schoolhouse Press. 

I like to change things around a little so I'm knitting these Cabled socks on single point needles - knitting 2 at a time is a fun change to knitting them circular on D.P.N's & using this method of sock knitting allows you to knit the back of the sock a different colour from the front of the sock.

Shetland Halo contains 30% Angora Rabbit-70% Pure Organic Shetland wool.
You might think that Angora rabbit fibre would be too delicate for socks but you would be wrong ! Angora is a strong fibre, has healing properties much like qiviut so is perfect for cold tired achy feet.

To enter this months giveaway in comments section:(if your a sock knitter) tell me the title of  your most loved sock knitting book OR the title of your most loved Cable knitting book !

            These socks have no seam, there is no stitching up to do unless you want to ! You simply pick up & knit together the side stitches from the back of the sock as your knitting the front of the sock row by row. We start at the back rib,back of the leg, knit down the back leg to the garter heel, turn the heal, knit along the underside of foot, shape the toe, knit over the top of the toe, knit up the instep-adding the cables as we go & knitting together the side sts to marry the back to the front of the sock, continuing until the front is same length as back.....easy-peasy !
Knitting 2 socks at the same time gives you perfect cables & perfectly matching socks everytime.

You will need`:
2 skeins of our Shetland Halo wool yarn,
2.00mm single point needles(optional) to knit Garters stitch heel flap & turning the heel.
3.00mm Single point needles,
cable needle-I use a short 5''Inch 2mm dpn sock needle,
stitch markers-optional,
wool needle to sew in ends

The Pattern: on 3.00mm needles Cast on 32sts

Slip the 1st of every row throughout-this gives a lovely neat edge to your work & allows you to easily see the st that needs to be picked up & Knitted.
Row 1: (RS), sl 1, *p1, k1; rep to end of row.
Row 2: sl 1, *k1, p1,; rep to end of row.
Work until rib measures 1'' inch
Next: change to stocking stitch & knit until work measures 7.5'' inches long from cast on edge.
Back leg.
Change to 2.00mm's ***(Optional)*** & work garter heel flap-knit on every row slipping the 1st stitch of every row until flap measures 2''inches.
***Using a smaller needle working Garter stitches really makes for a tough durable heel***

TURN HEEL: You will now shape the heel with short rows & because you are making short rows you will need to complete each heel seperately-complete the heel of 1 sock then slip the sts back to the 3.00mm needle or waste yarn or a stitch holder, then complete your 2 nd heel. Once complete you can get back to knitting both socks on the same needle as before-make sure you have 2 right sides of work facing you !
ROW 1: (RS) sl1, k17, k2TTBL-(k2 sts tog through back loops), k1, turn work.
ROW 2: Sl1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn work
ROW 3:sl 1, k6, k2ttbl, k1, tuen work.
ROW 4:sll, p7, p2tog, p1, turn work.
Continue as above working rows 3 & 4 knitting upto 1 st before the gap & knitting 2 tog or p2 tog until you have 18 sts remaining.
Back leg complete, heel flap, turned heel & now ready to shape gusset !
On WS of work, pick up & purl 16 sts along the edge of the heel flap, purl across row to the end, turn work, knit across all 34sts, then pick up & knit another 16 sts along the edge of heel flap as before. Turn work & purl across the row.
NEXT ROW: (RS) sl1, k1, k2TTBL, knit across to last 4 sts, k2TTBL, 2 sts decreased
NEXT ROW :(WS) purl across all sts

CONT shaping the gusset of both socks working the two rows above until you have 32sts for each sock as before.

Working back & forth in stocking stitch, work until the sole measures 2'' inches short of toes.

Row 1: sl1, k2ttbl (knit 2 sts together through back loops), kit to last 3 sts, k2ttbl, k1
Row 2: sl1, purl across row.
Repeat these 2 rows until you have Dec down from 32 sts to 18 sts.

***Next you will beg increasing to form the top part of the Toe picking up & knitting edge sts from the back of the sock in the following way:
On (RS) of work you will inc 1 st each end, until you have 32 sts again & on (WS) you will pick up edge sts to close sock.
I like to use a very small gauge sock needle as a stick to pick up the edge sts or you could even use the sharp end of your wool needle ! OR you can sew up the side seems if you prefer using an invisible stitch technique. There are posts on this technique on Youtube !

Row 1(RS) sl1, m1, k across row to last 2 sts, m1, k2.
Row 2:(WS) sl1, p across row to end.

NOW FOR THE FUN BIT.....adding the cables.
I tried them on as i knit, they are a lovely Snug fit & so Soft !
I do recommend that you use the 2.00mm for the toes-will make them last a lot longer.


Row 1:(RS) p3, k12, p2, k12, p3 - rep for 2nd sock.

Row 2: k3, p12, k2, p12, k3.

Row 3: p3, C6B, C6F, p2, C6B, C6F, p3.

Row 4: k3, p12, k2, p12, k3.

Rows 5 & 7- as row 1.

Row 6 & 8-as row 2.

Row 9: as 3rd row.

Row 10: as 4th row.

Row 11 & 13: - as row 1.

Row 12 & 14- as row 2.

Row 15: p3, C6F, C6B, p2, C6F, C6B, p3.

Row 16: as row 2.

Rows 17 & 19: - as row 1

Rows 18 & 20: - as row 2.

Row 21: p3, C6F, C6B, p2, C6F, C6B, p3.

Row 22: as row 2.

Rows 23 & 24: as rows 1 & 2.

rep until cabled leg is 1'' inches shorter than back leg. I finished on row 5. Then k2, p2 for 1 inch, bind off in rib formation.

(yes that is correct-k2, p2 inplace of k1, p1) 

ABBREVIATIONS: (RS)-right side of work, (WS) wrong side of work, sl1-slip the stitch without working it,   p1-purl 1 stitch,  k1-knit 1 stitch, k2tog-knit the next 2 sts together to make a decrease,  K2ttbl-knit the next 2 sts together through the back loops, M1-knit into the front & back of 1 st to make 2 sts,  SM-slip marker, C6B-slip next 3 sts onto cable needle & hold at back, knit next 3 sts from left needle, then knit the 3 sts from cable needle, C6F-slip next 3 sts onto cable needle & hold at front, knit next 3 sts from left needle, then knit the 3 sts from cable neeedle.

Click on any picture to enlarge !
Now the socks are complete there is only 1 thing i would change & that is to knit the toes on the 2.00mm's to make the toe stronger & more rigid.

Runs from 4th February to 29th February 2016.

2 winners drawn at Randon

1 entry per person on this blog post & 1 entry on the qiviut blog is permitted. 

Check out the following link to take part in the giveaway i have going on for the Celtic Cabled Ruana