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Hats, Hats, Hats......Shetland yummie yarn

Hat, Hats, Hats....of the Month The winner of the red shawl from July giveaway Name drawn was ''InJuneau'' With Autumn just around the corner I'm knitting lots of hats & building musk ox knitwear stock for my Christmas sales that are approaching so fast ! I have a new Website for all my Shetland yarns & knitwear so please check that out soon !
While browsing around the web I found a wonderful Youtuber who has really great Tutorial video's for all her hat patterns & her patterns so far have worked Beautifully with my light Worsted weight Shetland yarns ! Her name is Pleasesant seas- (will add links at the end of this post)
Her instructions are very clear & so easy to understand, a very talented lady ! Patterns are included as a knit-along to the vid & in text form when you click on her links.

One of my favourites is this one:

Hat of the month for July 2014/the Little mermaid-Ariel hat.

And here is the …