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Hats, Hats, Hats......Shetland yummie yarn

Hat, Hats, Hats....of the Month

The winner of the red shawl from July giveaway Name drawn was ''InJuneau''

With Autumn just around the corner I'm knitting lots of hats & building musk ox knitwear stock for my Christmas sales that are approaching so fast !
I have a new Website for all my Shetland yarns & knitwear so please check that out soon !

While browsing around the web I found a wonderful Youtuber who has really great Tutorial video's for all her hat patterns & her patterns so far have worked Beautifully with my light Worsted weight Shetland yarns !

Her name is Pleasesant seas- (will add links at the end of this post)
Her instructions are very clear & so easy to understand, a very talented lady ! Patterns are included as a knit-along to the vid & in text form when you click on her links.

One of my favourites is this one:

Hat of the month for July 2014/the Little mermaid-Ariel hat.

And here is the yarn i used-Musket colour (To enlarge any picture just click on it)

Adult size took 60 grams of our new 'Shetland Halo' wool yarn shown in Musket colour
Soft & Adorable this blend is 30% Angora rabbit-70% Shetland wool 
$7.00 per skein of 50 grams-170 yards.

And i can tell you with confidence this yarn does NOT shed.....the angora rabbit fibre's are almost 4'' inches long & the Shetland wool has lots of crimp so it really grips the angora fibre !
The other hat I just completed is her Bridge to Terabithia/Maybelle hat with lovely lacy Diamonds.
Just love how it turned out.....sure to be another favourite go to hat for Fall !

I have another Fresh batch of Shetland halo due to come off the machines within 24 hrs.....I'm so excited to see how it knits up because its blended with 30% Chocolate French Angora & super soft Shetland fawn fleece
will have this yarn for sale at later this month !
The yarn on the Left is the Choco halo. Have not had a chance to knit with it yet but it sure is soft & i would love to make some socks from it.

Here is the Link to pleaseantsea's youtube channel:

The Giveaway:
Tell me what colour yarn you would prefer,either Chocolate Fawn or Musket Shetland Halo
2 Winners drawn at random to win the yarn to complete any of the hats Presented by pleasantsea's
open to knitters/crocheters world wide.
Runs from 01-August 2014 TO 31st August 2014


  1. I really like both but having to pick only one I would prefer Musket Shetland Halo.

  2. I love the Chocolate Fawn. The hats are very cute.

  3. I really like the hats. I'm drawn to the Musket Shetland Halo.

    1. Jess, you won the yarn to make one of the wool hats....pls contact me with your details !

    2. How can I contact you to give you my details?

  4. The Chocolate Fawn looks scrumptious. I love the tassels on the Ariel hat.

  5. I like both colors, but would probably wear musket more. Thanks!

  6. Both colors are beautiful, but because my daughter's a redhead and looks gorgeous in brown, Chocolate Fawn is my choice. Great giveaway, thank you so much!

  7. I love both colours equally, but since we have to choose . . . I choose Chocolate Fawn! The blend of Shetland with Angora sounds divine and I wish I could go to Twist to squish them, but it was not meant to be this year. Perhaps next year. I used to spend lots of time up around Lac Simon at a friend's cottage. Summers on the lake at the beach, water-skiing in summer, cross country skiing in the winter, camping in Papineau-Labelle, and all sorts of other outdoor pursuits. Lots of great memories for me. I hope you have time to enjoy the area while you're there. It's a beautiful area, if you love nature.

  8. I love both colors, but if I have to choose, I'd like Halo more. Thank you for the chance!

  9. Those are gorgeous hats. I love the Chocolate Fawn colour.

  10. musket shetland halo for me :) Gorgeous yarn and fabulous pattern! Thanks for hosting another wonderful giveaway.

  11. I think I would go with the Chocolate Fawn on this one. It looks like it would match up to a pair of boots I bought at the end of last winter season. But hey..they are both so beautiful!

    1. Hi there, your name was drawn 2nd, pls send me your details so i can mail your yarn !

  12. The Saxon Braided Brim Hat is my favorite - and I think it would be stunning in Musket with a Chocolate Fawn braid (love 2-color cabling!).

  13. I like the chocolate fawn and would like to try the pattern that you have pictured

  14. This yarn is so beautiful. I would be thrilled with either color.

  15. chocolate fawn :-)

  16. Choco, since both kids have puked on me this morning.....I think darker colours will be in my future for some time now :)

  17. Wow, hard choice. Either would be great but I think choco-halo would be a better color for me. No way I'm giving that beauty away lol.

  18. Lovely hats! The halo would look beautiful with my girls' dark hair!

  19. Both are lovely but as I have to choose, the Musket shade of the Shetland Halo wins by a smidge! ;-)

  20. So lovely! Either would be wonderful! :)

  21. Musket Shetland Halo is the one I like more but they are both lovely!

  22. Oh, I am torn. I do not normally choose browns, but the Chocolate Fawn is just beautiful. I think I would go for that and probably make the Rapunzel hat though I am unlikely to add the flowers.

  23. Chocolate Fawn!!! Please and thank you!

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