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Shetland wool socks

I LOVE MY WARM BOOT SOCKS...... It's that time of year again, socks are coming out of the sock draw faster than i can knit them !
Can't complain, had a wonderful summer, my grand daughter Ruby is a joy & my sheep all had healthy happy lambs with beautiful is Good !
Back to the socks...I just love how Shetland wool socks are kind to your feet. The only drawback is they are not very durable unless they contain 25% Nylon. I can not bare the thought of adding this awful disgusting man made fibre to my yarns so i came up with the idea of adding kid mohair/silk yarn to the sock for durability. Kid mohair is tough. Its soft & tough. The silk too is very strong & adds some sheen & Luster to your knitting.
             This past summer i introduced a new qiviut sock that contains kid mohair/silk & customers tell me they are very durable compared to qiviut alone so why not try the same with the Shetland wool socks. See the sock's. That sock is kn…