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Shetland wool socks


It's that time of year again, socks are coming out of the sock draw faster than i can knit them !
Can't complain, had a wonderful summer, my grand daughter Ruby is a joy & my sheep all had healthy happy lambs with beautiful is Good !
Back to the socks...I just love how Shetland wool socks are kind to your feet. The only drawback is they are not very durable unless they contain 25% Nylon. I can not bare the thought of adding this awful disgusting man made fibre to my yarns so i came up with the idea of adding kid mohair/silk yarn to the sock for durability. Kid mohair is tough. Its soft & tough. The silk too is very strong & adds some sheen & Luster to your knitting.

             This past summer i introduced a new qiviut sock that contains kid mohair/silk & customers tell me they are very durable compared to qiviut alone so why not try the same with the Shetland wool socks.

See the sock's. That sock is knit from 2 strands of lace weight 100% qiviut in Arctic Purple & 2 strands of kid mohair silk in natural grey(Click to enlarge to see more detail)

I figured I would do the same with the Shetland wool: 1 strand of pure organic shetland wool yarn & 2 strands of mohair/silk. Then again, I want them to be boot socks so i may test knit them with 2 strands of Shetland wool. Boot socks tend to be bigger & thicker. They are not dress socks, they are winter weight !
Here is another pair of the qiviut/mohair/silk.

These are the yarn colours. from Left To Right: Natural Black, Amber fawn, light fawn & brown
I tested the tension using 2 Shetland & 2 mohair yarns & to be honest it was way to thick !
The socks would end up more like a clog sock so i have decided to cast on with 1 strands of 3 ply Shetland wool, 2 strands of mohair/silk lace & 1 strand of 2 ply lace weight 50% Qiviut-50% Shetland.
Will add the pattern very soon once i recheck the tension ! 

October/November giveaway......yarns to knit 1 pair of Adult size socks.

Will write the pattern below after i cast on.

2 winners drawn at random on the 30th November 2015 

Tell me your favourite thing about Winter !


  1. Good Morning
    There are many things that I like about winter, but like you I love a nice cozy pair of socks. It gives me "happy feet" If my feet are happy the cold doesn't matter. I know it is a simple thing but the best things in life usually are.:)
    I look forward to hearing from you - until then have a great day.

    1. Yhao brand socks are so special that I have ordered many times! I sell them well in my store, many yoga lovers are satisfied with the non-slip yoga socks which can keep them stable no matter what activity they are performing. custom wool socks

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. My favorite thing about winter is because of Christmas, but not because I like getting gifts, but because I love choosing and thinking of creative ways to wrap them.


  4. My favorite thing about winter apart from celebrating Thansgiving and Christmas with my family is seeing my daughters wear the knitted items I have made for them over the years

    1. Patty your name was drawn first. You get to chose what colour Shetland wool you would like to be sent.
      I have fawn, Moorit or grey ? Send me a private message with your details......congrats♥

  5. My favorite thing about winter is all the lights and the happy atmosphere.

  6. My favorite thing about winter is having a good warm cup of tea while knitting by the fireplace.

  7. My favorite thing about winter if there is a snowstorm outside and cold you can stay inside ,stay warm and knit and the colors of yarn brighten up the day.

    1. Cindy you are my 2nd winner. Please send me a private message with your mailing address.
      Congratulations & Merry Christmas♥

  8. A raging snowstorm is my favourite thing about winter - it affords me "permission" to put all else aside and knit my latest Qiviut pattern in front of a glowing fire.
    Nice to see Lorraine is back and with new Qiviut pattern ideas :-)

  9. My favorite thing about winter is getting to wear all my sweaters! There is something so comforting about a warm, fluffy sweater in winter. =D

  10. Just wondering who the lucky two might be?


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