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March 2014 Busy, Busy, Busy

I am still waiting for Jody to contact me with her details....Jody won the Shetland Tundra yarn for the texting mitts.....still waiting jody, hope you are ok !
Been so busy have not had much time for blogging lately. The sheep are getting ready to lamb so I'm running between the mill & barn almost hourly ! Got to get the lambing pens ready for those cute little Bundles arriving.....any day now, all my girls have got bags(their making an udder) & before you know it they will be out on the pasture with lambs....if the snow EVER LEAVES !             This year we are increasing the turn out pasture & i can't wait to see them out on that Lush Grass, healthy & gaining weight. It really warms my heart to see animals having a great life !
This is the Shetland yarns we have made in the past week: Will be making more for the Frolic show in April, hope to see you there.
No Give away this month for the shetland blog but i have a giveaway on the qiviut blog so if you want …