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Run out to my LYS -Pashmina Caprice-Red Shawl giveaway for June& July 2014

The Red Shawl Day Out♥ I heard that we were getting a new yarn store earlier last year but got so bogged down with work that i totally forgot. So when i randomly found her store during a Google search ( must be FATE) i got so overwhelmed that i shopped online ( there 3 times in a single week & as if that was not enough to top it all i decided to go there on Friday so i could drink in the atmosphere Live & buy even more yarn ! As you can see from the photo, i was very excited. Very excited indeed with my armful of Phildar yarns. I suppose i got carried away because we did not have any GOOD yarn stores in our area until Pashmina Caprice came along & i have not been able to knit with Phildar for 20 +years & Natalie's Top Selling Brand is Phildar  Looks like i found my knit my husband says 'OH NO' !

Your probably wondering why i buy yarn when i own a mill.....that's what he is thinking. He being my Hubby Gilbert, he smi…