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Knitting patterns

        This page will contain free knitting patterns. Most  are my own patterns, some are free patterns i found around the net !                     

The Lotus Hat Pattern

I have knit this pattern several times in all types of yarn. The design is well suited to winter type yarns aswell as cottony summer types of fibers. Easy knit, if you can do a 'yo' then you can knit this'll want to knit several to gift ! the brim cab be knit in a ribbed edge design or 1rnd purl and 1 rnd knit  as shown to form a garter edge.....would look nice in seed stitch too !

Sample above is knit with 100% shetland croft wool from my own flock of shetland sheep. A lovely soft 3ply with tons of memory and light weight it ! Hat requires about 60 grams of yarn.

60 grams of 3ply sports weight yarn, similar to D.K weight-about 200 yards
US size 6- 4.00mm circular needle,
US size 6-4.00mm D.P.N's,
stitch marker,
wool needle,

with circular needle cast on 96 sts. Join to work in rnd, p1 st, place marker, then purl all sts to end of rnd. Next rnd knit all sts, rep for 8 rnds.

 Next working in rnds follow the pattern below.

1: k3, k2tog, yo, k1. rep from beg to end.
2: k2, k2tog, yo, k2.
3: k1, k2tog, yo, k3.
4: k2tog, yo, k4.
5: k1, yo, ssk, k3.
6: k2, yo, ssk, k2.
7: k3, yo, ssk, k1.
8: k4, yo, ssk.
repeat rnds 1 TO 8 a total of 4 Times.

Next: Work rnds 1 TO 20 one time. These rnds form the top shaping.
1: k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, yo, k4, k2tog, yo, yo, k1.
2: k1, k2tog, yo, k4, k2tog, yo, k2.
3: k2tog, k4, k2tog, yo, k3.
4: k4, k2tog, oy, k4.
5: k2tog, k3, yo, ssk, k3.
6: k5, yo, ssk, k2.
7: k2tog, k4, yo, ssk, k1.
8: k6, yo, ssk.
9: k2tog, k3, k2tog, yo, k1.
10: k3, k2tog, yo, k2.
11: (k2tog) twice, yo, k3.
12: k2tog, yo, k4.
13: k1, ssk, k3,(change to D.P.N's)
14: k1, yo, ssk, k2.
15: k2tog, yo, ssk, k1.
16: k2, yo, ssk.
17: k2tog, k2.
18: knit all sts.
19: k2tog, k1.
20: k2tog and your done !
Cut yarn leaving a 10cm tail. with wool needle close top of hat and sew in loose end.

OTHER USES FOR THIS PATTERN .........a scarf. scarf could be knit in the rnd Lotus InfinityScarf' or possibly a Ruana.......all future projects i'm sure to knit.

Shetland wool easy knit shawl......

Very easy to knit and easy to wear as it is very light weight, slip it on and you forget its there !

Shetland wool is warm, soft and can be worn year round. We process our yarns with care to avoid damage to the delicate silky fibers so they guard their insulating properties from heat and cold.

'when the animals are well cared for its shows in the quality of the yarns and knitwear' !

You will need:

100 grams of  ''Shetland Croft yarn'' in 3 ply by cottage craft angora mill,

7mm circular knitting needle 100 cm or larger,

2 stitch markers.

To Begin:

Stockinette stitch Shawl is knit on circulars do not join to work in the rnd !
 Place stitch markers on 1st row and keep working and increasing with the stitch markers in their place.

ROW 1: cast on 6sts. k1, yo, k1, pm, yo, k2, yo, pm,k1, yo, k1.

ROW 2: purl all sts(including yo's)
Continue making 4 increase sts across the knit side rows as above until most of the yarn is used up, leaving a small amount for bind/cast off.

Gently Hand Wash and block. if you can not block then you can use a steam iron on ''wool'' setting. The iron should just glide gently over the shawl steaming as it goes......then hang the shawl to air dry ....finish with a wooden shawl pin and its ready to wrap you in comfort on a cold winters night !

Back of the shawl showing the center inc's, shawl is worked from the bottom up with sts slanting either side of the center yo's.

Shetland Lacey Criss-Cross top.

 This little top is so lightweight and took only 200 grams to knit. Machine knit but could easily be hand knit as it is simply 2 rectangles joined together and the front rectangle is twisted once before sewing the shoulder seam inplace....what could be easier ! And its so comfortable to wear.

To machine knit: i used a Singer chunky/bulky machine with a lace weight/light fingering yarn.The top is loose fitting. To make a more fitted top simply add more tension  say TD2 and knit less rows this will bring the sts in closer. I used shetland wool yarn. this would also be lovely if knit in a blended yarn that contains silk, you will get a beautiful drape to the finished garment !
Finished measurements for XL: 21'' Long(from shoulder to waist) 23'' wide.

TD 5 with yarn e-wrap the (S)-74sts, (M)-80sts, (L)-86sts, (XL)-92sts. Be careful not to make your sts too small and tight, knit a row or two by hand then knit straight until peice measures
 (S)-18''   (M)-20''   (L)-22'' (XL) 23-24''
Cast off sts making sure that you cast off edge looks same size as cast on edge ( not too tight) !

FRONT: i used card #2 that came with the machine. sorry i dont have a scanner type printer to scan it for you but these cards can be purchased on ebay and there are a few online machine knitting sites in North America to buy these cards. Ask the seller for orginal singer chunky cards of 12 st repeat type. The Singer machine came with 5 basic cards !
Cast on as for back, same tension as before and e-wrap as before, knit 3 rows then with control knob at Tuck begin pattern design. Knit until work measures 2.5'' longer than back.((To measure, remove all weights and let knitting rest on the machine for 10 minutes so you get an accurate measurement)) knit another 3 rows in stocking stitch as before.

wash and block both peices so that the edges lay flat for easy seaming.
With both RS facing together, sew Right shoulder seam to back piece. Next, sew Right side seam leaving a gap of 8'' inches for arm opening. lay out on a flat surface, with wrong side front facing you, find center and give 1 clockwise twist then sew the left shoulder seam and body seam.

To hand knit this design as shown below in 100% Black shetland wool simply follow the measurements by inches using a suitable yarn that can be knit on a 4.5mm needle, make 2 rectangles as above and sew together as above......  its difficult to see the front twist on black yarn. Keep in mind when knitting this peice by hand you are knitting each rectangle from side to side. This little twist top requires 200 grams. To buy Shetland wool yarn go here:

Scraps of yarn Shetland wool socks.......

15th March 2013

sock knitting is quite addictive. Everybody loves hand knit socks and they are such a small quick project to knit. socks are a take with you project for knitting on-the-go ! once you start knitting socks you will not want to stop. There are lots of free sock knitting patterns out there on the web more than enough to get you hooked ! check out ravelry here....loads of free patterns

used up my scarps to make these work socks. You will need about 90 grams of various coloured yarns in similar weights. All the yarn was from batches of 100% pure shetland wool in 3ply a D.K. weight or sport weight with 14 wraps to the inch on 2.75mm- size 2US.

The pattern i used is a free pattern by Kate Atherly found here:

my colours are Natural grey, Natural Moorit brown and slate blue.
The leg measures 8'' inches long and foot 9'' inches. The wool has quite a bit of stretch to it so you can safely knit the foot almost a half inch shorter and they will still fit you tension worked out at: 8sts=1'' X 10 rows= 1'' inch. The pattern K3, P1, very easy and makes for a perfect fit everytime.
 I changed colours in the following rnds:
rnds 1-5=grey.  6-12=blue.  13-24=moorit.  25-32=blue.  33-39=grey.  40-47=blue.  48-59=moorit.
60-68=blue.  69-76=grey.
 knit heel flap and turned heel in blue as pattern directed and continued in blue for another8 rnds.
 Foot: 15 rnds moorit again keeping pattern correct.  16-27=blue.  28-36=grey.  37-43=blue. 
Toe shaping in blue as pattern directed except i moved the sts around onto 2 d.p.n's inplace of 3.

I had the best nights sleep wearing these socks for bed......i forgot how wonderful bed socks are especially when they are hand knit in soft 100% natural sheep wool. I now wear hand knit socks for bed every night and its amazing how wonderful you feel next morning !




  1. Beautiful hat, beautiful yarn. Don't you just love shetland yarn.

    1. Hi maggie, yes i'm addicted to the sheep and yarns !

    2. Sorry i never saw your comment as i have been very busy working lately and the blogger email address was not showing comments....anyways its fixed now and all comments are coming in as they should 'immediately'.
      check the home page of the blog for my 1st giveaway....shetland yarn !

  2. I love the Shetland Lacey Criss-Cross top. I'm a machine and hand knitter and would love either pattern. Where can I find one or the other? TIA! Judy

    1. Hi Judy, i never got around to writing a pattern for this machine knit but i will try to do it at the end of this week. You need a bulky machine that uses the Tuck stitch cards and i used lace weight yarn. please check back on friday & i will add the machine knit instructions....i have it written someplace in my studio pattern book.

    2. Wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a bulky knitting machine. No pressure :-), but I will check back on Friday. Judy

    3. Thanks for posting the pattern!! Judy


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