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Shetland Wool cabled mitt kit - February giveaway

Felted shetland mittens with lace cuffs ! Giveaway for February 2013.......i know i was supposed to be showing the shetland shawl but just have not had the time to clip and spin the wool. We are so busy in the mill working on 100% qiviut yarns, machine knitting orders and all the packing and shipping !
 I hope to be able to have the shawl kit ready for the April Blog entry so do check back for that its worth the wait !!!!

 All is not lost though, i have managed to work on these mitts from 100% shetland wool in this lovely 3ply in Rich Bordeaux......i Love how the natural Shetland wool takes the dye. Colours are clear and bright with wonderful stitch definition ! The mitts at the top are knit from Natural white shetland 3ply yarn with a little bit of no white left until i clip my shetlands on 24th feb !
The mittens are very thick and sturdy. I'm knitting them with 2 strands of 3ply held together and will soften up after i throw them in the dryer for 15 minutes on MED …

winner of the January giveaway

Winner of the January giveaway is ''HPOM''......pls contact me so i can mail out your yarns !
Check back for the February blog entry & shetland wool giveaway.....