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Mioget shawl Giveaway for August/September 2017

 Mioget Shawl

just started on the short row shaping-right wing complete now knitting the central panel & left wing.

Been a very busy Spring & Summer around here......Lots of lambs-96 in total alive & well. They are everywhere i look. Some days i have so much work i don't know what job to tackle first.....good job i have a very understanding husband who loves the Sheep just as much as i do & a family who are now city folk but love to come to the country side for weekends away.....& don't mind singing for their supper ! Before long most of the lambs will be gone as they are all sold & my work schedule greatly reduced....roll on !

Managed to finish a few of my UFO's lately & I'm very happy they are complete so i can move onto my next ''knitting with purpose'' project, more about that in the next blog later in the year. Oh and my NEW OUT♥LANDER inspired yarns (90% Shetland wool-10% Qiviut-musk oxen) big 150 gram skeins, will be off the machines in only a few days.....more about that in a week or so.

Shetland Tundra lace sweater, scalloped hem, neckline & sleeve edges in a picot cast off stitch. Lovely & soft, already had a chance to wear it the other day when it was cold.This was a knitalong we had on Face Book. The pattern is available to purchase from Joanna Watson's Etsy store:Lallybrochgallery....Joanna is a huge Outlander fan like me !

And i managed to finish the Brae was on the needles forever but now its done & I'm happy with the results-knit in 3 sections. used natural grey & Musket organic Shetland wool.
Updated version of the Brae Shawl
And lastly My God save the Queen shawl......This little shawl has been on the needles since September last year !

So What is Mioget ?

Mioget is a natural colour found only in Purebred Shetland sheep. When you part the fleece of this colour sheep you see fine random strands of pale gold....its Beautiful, wonderful colour for Autumn knitwear.
The Mioget shawl is knit in 2 directions, the wings are all garter stitch but the centre back panel is lace.The right wing is knit first then you knit the back panel & Left wing at the same time collecting & knitting together the stitches from the Right wing.....its easy ! 
Will include the written pattern here as i get the knitting done. I'm using our 3ply light worsted Organic Shetland wool on a 4.5mm but you could use a larger needle if you want yours to have more drape say a 5 or 5.5mm. And if your a person who says, ''i dont wear shawls'' well this one you can wear as a large scarf if you prefer ! I'm guessing it will take about 300 grams-6 skeins or more.


Foundation row-Cast on 2sts, knit these 2 sts,.
slip the 1st stitch of every row, knit 3 rows them on the 4th right side row knit to last 2 sts, M1,K1. You will see that the work is veering to the left & growing in width.
M1,K1=in next st, knit in the back & front of the stitch,  Knit until work measures 38'' inches long with about 78 sts on needle.

On next WS row, using the 1st stitch, cast on in the following way adding stitch markers: cast on 18, pm, 18sts, pm, 18sts, pm, cast on 2sts total of 56 new sts. On this WS row k2, sm, purl across the next 53sts, slipping the markers as you go until you come to the last st, purl this stitch together with the first stitch from the right wing =1 stitch Dec, turn work  (MORE TO FOLLOW)

And the giveaway is this: Enough skeins of Shetland wool to knit the Mioget shawl. 

1 winner drawn at random

Runs from: August 10th TO September 30th 2017.

 You get to choose what colour wool you would like to knit the shawl in

from these colours:

.......Tell me when you buy yarn do you buy it just because you see it & fall in love with the colour OR do you buy it with a project or outfit in mind ? 

Add your answer in the comments section.


  1. I'm an opportunistic yarn collector, grabbing things I like when I see them. I try to get enough to make something appropriate when I can!


  2. A bit of both. Most of my current stash are saw it and fell in love. The ones that have plans I'll knit with first.

  3. Generally I'm drawn to the colour and texture of the yarn. I have so many single balls because I picked them up in the store and could not put them down. On occasion, if there are more available, I will buy two or three, but all too often I end up with orphan skeins and they end up not being enough to make a single project with. So I need to start getting creative!

  4. I usually fall in love with the colour first, then I mentally peruse my pattern library to figure out what pattern would work well with it. If I can't think of anything, it doesn't come home with me. That doesn't happen too often, though ;)

  5. If I have a larger project in mind, I will go out and purchase the yarn. But for the most part, I fall in love with the yarn... Panic... And if it is not a sock yarn, I try to get enough that would make the biggest item that suits the feel and color. Always be prepared! :)

  6. Usually I buy cuz of color and then I look for pattern. Sometimes it would be the other way around.

  7. Since most of my yarn comes from thrift shops, I can't really go looking for a specific color, type or weight of yarn. If I see a great bargain I grab it, and trust that somewhere on Ravlery I'll find the perfect pattern. When I do indulge in a trip to the LYS, I have a lot more options, but have to exercise much greater restraint. Someday I will happily lay down several hundred dollars for a sweater's worth of yarn, but that will be after "The Good Ship Lottery Pop" sails into my life. Watch for me, I will be headed this way for sure when that happens.

  8. Great question! Let's said that sometimes I just need some particular color or some soft skein that I just want to pet... I bought a lot of yarn in the past only because it was some kind of gratification. And the added bonus of spending hours, days, months on Ravelry to search for the Perfect Pattern... Now I am a little bit more project-oriented and I choose colors more carefully with an eye to the wardrobe I would like to have.

  9. I totally buy my yarn with a project I have in mind although there have been times I've fallen in love with yarn and then found a project that was perfect for it. I love to plan usually though.

  10. Sort of. :) I've gotten away from buying 'just because they're pretty' single skeins. I don't, however, buy with a specific project in mind; more like a general project category. You know, "Ooh, these two coordinating skeins would make an awesome shawl!" Or, "hmm, this would be enough for a hat - or mittens - or cowl".


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