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Name that scarf pattern....yarn, pattern & shawl pin Giveaway for March/April 2017

Name this scarf-Winner will receive the yarns, printed pattern & a lovely Silver shawl pin ! 

Here is another picture update. You can see the silver tone shawl pin with a big black bead !

A combination of stitches & natural organic Shetland wool ♥

Something I'm working on, nowhere near finished as i want it to be at least 60'' inches long so please check back to see the finished scarf as it will help in naming the pattern design. (Read on for more info)

I just love working with Natural wool. There is just something about it that makes me feel content, i would even say happy ! 

The nameless scarf/shawl consists of a stepped edge along the bottom in moss stitch, the top edge is straight with moss stitch, garter stitch, eyelets, cables, tubes, box stitch, stocking stitch....a mash up of textures that show up brilliantly in real wool. The earthy colours i'm using are white, fawn & Musket & all 100% Natural to the awesome coloured Shetland sheep.

And as of today-April 22nd....this all i have done....shameful ! Had so many qiviut sweater orders (and 95 purebred Shetland lambs born to date) there was very little time to work on this design, but i will press on & add more stitch textures till the end of the month.

I will be attending the Toronto knitters Frolic on the 29th April & will have the scarf/shawl with me if you want to stop by the booth !

To enter this giveaway name the scarf/shawl design in the comments section.
One winner will be chosen from all the entries.

Winner will receive the Organic Shetland wool yarns, a printed pattern & Shawl pin.

runs from: March 4th TO April 30th 2017

Enter as many times as you like, no restrictions, open to knitters everywhere. 

Please check back for more picture of Luck !  

Monday 1st Of May 2017. I will announce the winner on the 3rd of may. So many great's going to be difficult to pick ! Thank you to all who entered.

I will be adding a new post on the 3rd of May so please check back.


  1. It reminds me of a "Monadh" with all its different textures and earthy colours.

  2. Looks like "cookies and cream", I think ;-)

  3. It looks like it sprung organically from your purely creative mind. I would name it, "Purely Organic." ;)

  4. I would name the Shawl - "The Winding Road"

  5. I would name the shawl -"The Winding Road"

  6. "Tessellated Journey", "Steps of Lerwick", "Roaming Ewes", "Shetland Cottages", "Winter's Journey"; I bet it'll be cozy, whatever you name it!

    1. Your our winner with your entry ''Winters Journey'' we love it ! And we had such a hard time picking just one entry from so many great names. Thank you for entering & Congratulations, pls contact me with your details.

  7. Maybe Stone Beach or Pebble Beach, that's what the colours and textures remind me of most. Or Tidelines or Low Tide? Its also a bit like the layers of gravel and sand you get alternating on some shorelines.


  8. Shetland Steps

    Really lovely yarn and the textures really pop in it.

  9. Skipping Stones! This beautiful shawl reminds me of the waves (and the stones at the bottom of a clear lake) that occur while partaking in one of my fave summer activities :)

  10. Skipping Stones! This beautiful shawl reminds me of the waves (and the stones at the bottom of a clear lake) that occur while partaking in one of my fave summer activities :)

  11. Very creative and interesting use of stitches. How about
    Waves of Wonder/Wondrous Waves...
    Stepping Stones...
    Simply Natural Sampler

  12. "Variety is the Spice of Life"

  13. How about naming this shawl after one of the Shetland beaches? After all, the shawl is knit out of Shetland yarn, and I can’t get over how beachy it looks. I was thinking “Levenwick Beach,” “Norwick,” or “Skaw Beach.” FYI, If you google “Skaw Beach,” there’s actually a photo that looks remarkably like your shawl… the shape, pebbles, everything :)

    Or how about “Mainland,” named after the main Shetland island?

  14. I think I would name this shawl Shetland Ripple. Its texture does remind me of water on a beach at low tide and we've got to keep the Scottish name in there somewhere, haven't we?

  15. I want to name this scarf "Shetland strong". The inspiration comes from the Islanders and way of life which has endured through the centuries.

  16. "The Elders" This pattern reminds me of many generations Grandmother's wisdom within each of their own unique stitch/pattern so that it may be learned, honored and passed down to the younger generations. It's kind of like a coat of arms with yarn and stitches:)


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