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Name That Yarn.....giveaway for April and May 2013

Name That Yarn

This is it....our newest shetland yarn blend. A lovely soft squishy 3ply, sold in 50 gram skeins. Contains 85% shetland lambs wool-15% qiviut-Musk ox, at $9.95 a skein its not too pricey. the natural colour is a greyish brown looks quite similar to qiviut yarn in its natural state so would make a gorgeous looking, soft feeling, warm shawl, i blended long 4'' inch qiviut into this batch so we should have a lovely Halo with age....yum.....we can also dye the yarns to any of these shades below if greys not your thing !

if you dont know about qiviut this is where it comes from this hairy bugger
...... its soft warm down from the musk oxen who live close to the Arctic circle. Their fibre is 8 times warmer than sheep wool and extremely soft and lofty....its a  knitting Luxury that is well worth the investment ! to visit my musk ox blog go here: every month we have a giveaway so do check it out !

.....and here is the shawl i have been working on. Hope to have it finished for the Toronto knitters Frolic at the end of this month. We also designed a new yarn for that show called ''Simply Frolic'' contains qiviut, silk, merino, your welcome to stop by the booth to pet the yarn. if you can't make it to the show you can buy the pattern or yarns here:

the shawl has a long span of cables running its full width with a lacey Leaf border, some garter sts and lovely yo's, double dec stitches, purly bits and knit side to side. will add more photo's as it knits up. The cables give more bulk to the shawl for added warmth and cozyness !
This shawl is natural white wool from my lovely little Ramy-Boy... a really cute ram lamb who has the most gentle disposition ....only got 1LB of yarn from him so i havent got any for sale.
However all our shetland yarns are spun the same weight and gauge so the new yarn above will make the most perfect shawl. We just need a name for this lovely soft blend of yarn, that's where we need your help !

Send us your name suggestions in the comment section, if we choose your yarn name you will be sent the pattern and enough yarn in your colour choice to knit the shawl !
Thinking caps on....think Shetland islands, wild muskoxen, Luxury qiviut down, soft virgin wool; etc
Try not to enter under  'Anonymous' as someone may steal your name entry !
Join the blog followers and you will be sent an email automatically should you be our winner !

And here is an update of the Brae Shawl:

Open to knitters world wide, runs from: 4th April 2013 TO 31st May 2013.
Best of Luck!


  1. Oooh, I love naming games! Let's see:

    Love your shawl!

  2. gorgeous looking shawl, and that new yarn looks delicious! How about Thistledown wool?

  3. Cuddlemore
    Arctic Darling
    Shetland Tundra
    Lamb of the Midnight Sun :)

    Best of luck picking a name!

    1. PS - they recently discovered fossils of camels in the arctic - no joke! I'd love if you could blend Qiviut & camel, and call it something like "Arctic Camel" or some such. :)

    2. Poppy you won with your ''Shetland Tundra'' entry....pls contact me so i can mail your kit....well done and Thank you !

  4. My names for the Shetland/qiviut yarn are Muskwool or Wooly Musk.

  5. How about 'Wild Island Wool'.


  6. Beautiful yarn! I'd call it Natural Selection.

  7. "Shetland Qiviut" or "Northern Sky Knitting Wool".

  8. "summerwarm" wool for all those summer evenings with a crispy breeze, especially if you think that it is a gift for shawls.

  9. Shetland Mist
    Mists of Shetland
    Isle Mist
    Mists of the Isle

  10. You've just got to call this yarn "Musket"! This is the traditional name for Shetland Wool that is greyish-brown in colour. The name even sounds like musk ox and "shet"-land blended together. Other names for Shetland colours are emsket (bluish-grey), moorit (reddish brown), mioget (honey), shaela (grey). The yarn looks lovely and I can't wait to pet some. I may drop in at Knitter's Frolic just to caress some and give it a good home.

  11. about Wild Soft Yonder

  12. You just HAVE to call it the Arctic Lamb :) It just sounds so unique and soft, that everyone will want some in their stash!

  13. Qiviut Wool Yarn
    Yarn of the Isle
    Wool Ox Fiber
    Shetland Muskox Wool
    Scottish Qiviut Blend
    Sheepish Qiviut Yarn
    Shox Yarn (sheep and ox as one word)
    Lamox Down (lamb and ox as one word)

    ideas by Rachel B.


  14. Scrumptious would be my choice of a name. delicious but with hard consonants just like the musk ox looks hard and tough but makes fiber that is soft and delicious-- SCRUMPTIOUS or should I say scrump-deliish-tious like my kids used to say

  15. Polar Halo
    Arctic Angel
    Arctic Archangel
    Selkie Veil
    Hint of Musk
    Frost Fairy

    (...Embraceable Ewe? Oh Ewe Kid? Sorry, sheep puns are inevitable... So baaaaad....)

  16. Arctic Skye
    Skye of the Arctic
    Arctic Heaven
    Heavenly Skye

  17. Here's a few more for consideration:

    Kindred spirits
    Primal blush
    Precious jewel, Exquisite jewel
    Ageless spirit
    Tundra twining,
    Arctic spirit, Northern spirit, Norse gem
    Stone spirit(s), Stone twins
    Bronze Age Bliss

    I tried to find something in common between the sheep and Muskox (hence the kindred spirits name). Muskox are a prehistoric animal, and the sheep are from some of the most ancient breeds (pre 1000a.d.). Both animals live in difficult climates in northern areas where the landscape is very rocky.

    It will be fun to see which name you pick out of all the great names that have been submitted.

    Happy knitting!


  18. Here are a couple of possibilities:

    Shetland Musk
    Musklamb Spirit

    Thanks so much for the chance

    sherryglover1 on Ravelry

  19. Ramy-Boy Halo
    Oh So Cozy
    Ewe Woo!

    So much fun. Run this contest again! :)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Qiviut Isle
    Musket Tundra
    Musket Mist
    Musket Down
    Musket Isle
    Musket Isle Down
    Muskette Tundra
    Muskette Mist
    Muskette Down
    Muskette Isle
    Musket Isle Down
    Arctic Isle
    Arctic Isle Down
    Arctic Isle Mist
    Arctic Musket
    Arctic Muskette
    Arctic Sheltie
    Tundra Isle
    Tundra Musket
    Tundra Muskette
    Tundra Sheltie
    Northern Isle
    Northern Musket
    Northern Muktette
    Northern Sheltie

  22. How about Arctic Slope, Arctic Halo, Trondra or Tunturi

  23. maratie ... i dont know why lol ;p
    soshy ;p

  24. Northern Lights? Frostfire? Arctic Warmth? Midnight Sun?

  25. St. Pierre Shetland.

    Looks like you have many lovely lakes and rivers in your area. You can name a new yarn for each one.

  26. I thought of two names for the yarn; Cozy Qiviut, or Shetland Luxury.

  27. Oh my, how many names to choose from!!!!

    ALl I can think of is the name I would like to call my Musk Ox pet if I ever had one and that would be

    Dear Moxie

    I do not know if they can be petted and accept that. In Norway they run wild and are dangerous. I guess they can't be tckelish since from a picture they seem to be "coombed" in order to collect the down. Oh, what a lovely job. Cosy, cosy Moxie in my dreams....

  28. Ox of Love
    Canadian Dreams
    Soft Tundra
    Wooly Lamb
    Arctic Comfort
    Starlight Snows
    Qiviut Spirit
    Dusk Ox
    Evening Light
    Snow Cloud
    Ox and Lamb
    Warm Friends

    Looks gorgeous to work with! Good luck name picking

  29. Luscious. That's the name. I love it in natural grey.

  30. Big Sweet Lummox
    Aura of Musk
    Simply Gambol

  31. Oor Woollie
    Oor Oomingmak
    Dear Mr. Q

  32. I like "Arctic Islands" blend.

  33. Met you at the Frolic, and bought some 100% Qivuit and some blend which is called Qiuit-Queen-Superwash, I was wondering if this blend was named for you, The Qivuit Queen? and if so maybe you should name this blend for your Husband.

    Shetland King's Qivuit Blend

    Best of luck, I'm going to have to come by your booth earlier next year, for more colour choices.

    PS I'm knitting a cowl from natural and hand dyed 100% Qivuit, it is as soft as advertised, and the boys in my house are not allowed to touch it!

    1. Hi Jennifer, yes the qiviut-queen yarn is named after me and designed by my Son Josh who works with us in the mill. We have had so many really great entry names its going to be hard to choose ! Thanks for your entry...happy knitting !

  34. Musk on you.
    asteride on Ravelry.

  35. My name for the new yarn would be Downland or Downy or Qudown. I can just imagine how soft and Squishy it is.

  36. Ewemingmak
    OMG OX!
    Rose of the North
    Woolsworth of the Tundra
    Arctic Virgin
    Prince Woollie
    Circumpolar Champion
    Woollie Q. Hullabaloo

  37. And finally, I promise, no more... :)

    Hushie Baa!
    Crowning Glory
    Best in Show

    May you have great success with the new product line!

  38. hi there

    Warm and Wonderful
    Warm and wild
    Luscious Beast
    Fine and Wild

    Wild weather Wool

    Omm Wool
    Extrawarm Fibrewool
    QiYum Wool

    thanks - great comp!
    Go well with it all, looks wonderful to use


  39. Wild Shetland, or Wild Shetland Blend?

    Northern Fair Isle, or Fair Isle of the North ("Northern," because musk ox are from northern Canada, and "Fair Isle" because it's one of the Shetland Islands, and it's also a knitting technique)

  40. Arctic Charm
    Ravelry: princesswarrior


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