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And the winner is.....

''spirit of Shetland Throw''

I had a really difficult time choosing just one name as there were so many great entries !  

A big Thank you to all for helping♥

I think the given name sums up this throw as all the fiber came from Pure bred Shetland sheep (except for the small amount of 100% qiviut) and these little sheep are very spirited indeed.

Will be adding the border to the throw over the next few days, adding the remaining blocks
and writing the patterns with Finally a picture of the finished throw.

well done Vanessa, please contact me so i can mail off your yarns

Check out the October blog entry (coming soon), for 2 smokerings knit with our dreamy soft Shetland Tundra blend and the 2 winning entries get to choose the natural colour or hand dyed in your colour choice as shown below !


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so honoured you chose my name!!!! I'm so happy, I'm shaking! Thank you for letting me take part in your design process, and an even bigger thank you for your incredibly generous offer! I'll send you my address via Ravelry. :) :)

  2. its my pleasure, i love to share my yarn passion, Congratulations♥

  3. congratulations Vanessa! That is a fabulous name for a fabulous blanket!

  4. Since I have shetlands I couldn't agree more with the name you chose. Congrats Vanessa.


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hello and welcome!

please check back soon to see my new freinds who are due to arrive any day now.

I'm dreaming of shetland socks and machine knit fair isle sweaters from our new wooly friends !