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Fetlar Cabled Hat pattern-SHETLAND TUNDRA Yarn Giveaway for January 2016

                              The Fetlar Cabled Hat

Happy New Year, a Happy Knitty New Year for 2016

REAL WOOL is So soft & squishy & has a massive amount of stretch to it. 

I like to wear the cable design to the side.
knit this sample hat from 100% Organic Shetland wool but the giveaway for this month with be a similar grey to this one but in our Shetland Tundra blend with 15% musk ox/qiviut-no pictures of the yarn as yet because its not even's waiting for its turn on the machines. but i will update with picture's once I get the yarns plied.

The pattern is circular knit on 4.5mm's. Knit with 2 strands of wool held together to make a sort of Aran weight knitting that i love. Not only is Aran knitting faster but it's so much warmer than a dk weight & so much more squishier when your knitting with REAL WOOL !

When i say REAL wool I am referring to the fact that Real wool has not been chemically altered in any way, it is pure & Natural unlike the superwash yarn that we feel is bad for the environment. I'm sure it can't be good for our health either as its coated in plastic & has been prepared with Gas...yack!  Over the past 2 months i have cleaned out my stash of ALL Superwash yarn. I used it to make a machine knit blanket that i gifted to my daughter. I know there is a lot of people who love the superwash sock yarns, will continue to use them no matter what & that is perfectly fine-it's upto the individual to decide.
 I have to admit, my favourite sock yarns are OPAL sock yarns, i have a lot of them in my stash 40+. and i have a question to whoever can answer- do Opal yarns contain superwash or are they regular sheep wool with 25% nylon ? All my Opal yarn labels are in German & I don't understand German at all so please let me know in the comments section if you know the answer. I hope its not superwash or I'm in for a sock draught in 2016 !!!

                    I just love the feeling of Organic yarn & Organic Knitwear, the feeling of  getting back to good old basics of knitting with lovely sheep wool that is 100% Natural & naturally soft. When sheep are grazing Lush clean pastures they are very healthy with strong soft wool.

Grazing Fresh pasture everyday with the help of portable fencing

The Fetlar pattern:

With 4.5mm & 2 strands of  light worsted weight wool yarn cast on 88 sts & join to work in the rnd. Work 30 sts of the cabled pattern, place a marker then proceed to knit the rib section- *k3, p2 on the remaining 58 sts, place a 2nd marker to mark the begining of rnd.

Work as set, purling the purl sts & knitting the knit sts of the rib, working through the cabled pattern rnd's a total of 3 times & every even numbered rnd knit the knit sts & purl the purl sts.

((Cabled panel: 

Row 1: p5, C4B, (P5, C4B)twice, P5.

Row 3: P4, T3B, (T4f, T4B) twice, T3F, P4.

Row 5: P3, T3B, P3, C4F, P4, C4F, P3, T3F, P3.

Row 7: P3, K2, P3, T3B, T4F, T4B, T3F, P3, K2, P3.

Row 9: P3, (K2, P3)twice, C4B, (P3, K2) twice, P3.

Row 11: P3, K2, P3, T3F, T4B, T4F, T3B, P3, K2, P3.

Row 13: P3, T3F, P3, C4F, P4, C4F, P3, T3B, P3.

Row 15: P4, T3F, (T4B, T4F)twice, T3B, P4.

ABBREVIATIONS: C4B-slip next 2 sts onto cable needle & hold at back of work, knit the next 2 sts then knit the 2 sts from cable needle.
C4F-put next 2 sts onto cable needle, hold at back, knit next 2 sts then knit the 2 sts from the cable needle.
T3B-put next purl st onto cable needle, hold at back, knit next 2 sts then purl the st from cable needle.
T3F-put next 2 knit sts onto cable needle, hold at front, purl next st, then knit the 2 sts from cable needle.
T4B-put next 2 purl sts on cable needle, hold at back, knit the next sts, then purl the sts from cable needle.
T4F-put next 2 knit sts onto cable needle, hold at front of work, purl next 2 sts, then knit the 2 sts from cable needle.
***If you need help with other abbreviations just send me a message*** 

Work until hat measures 8. TO 8.5'' inches finishing on rnd 2. Try the hat on for size-it should cover your ears ! If not, knit another couple of cable rnds before starting the decrease shaping. For larger head sizes knit another full pattern rep of cable rows.

Decrease rnds:

1: (over cable pattern)-sm, p2tog, p1, p2tog, k4, (p2tog)twice, k4, (p2tog)twice, k4, p2tog, p1, p2tog, sm(over Rib sts): (k3, p2tog) to last 3 sts, k3

2: Knit without shaping-knit the knit sts & purl the purl sts.

3:(over cable pattern)-sm, p2tog, p1, k4, p2tog, k4, p2tog, k4, p2tog, p1, sm (over rib sts)-(k2, k2tog) to last 3 sts, k3.

4: as rnd 2

5: k2tog on remaining sts. 

Break yarn leaving a long tail, pull through remaining sts & close the top, sewing in the tail on wrong side of hat. Lightly block & lay flat to dry.    

And here is the hat finished. see how the qiviut fibre gives a silkier texture to the wool !

The Grass is always greener on the other side !

The Trinity wrap complete ♥
I managed to get my Trinity wrap finished over the holidays & have been wearing it around the house each morning while the house is cool before the heating kicks in. Such an easy pattern. Measures 15'' X 55'' the perfect size to cover your shoulders & top of your arms. Will defo be knitting this again !
Other knitting that I'm working on is the Gunnister shrug. Organic Shetland wool with Cables, Moss & Trinity sts. I started writing the pattern (no picture yet-I'm only half done)& can be found

This months giveaway is the yarns to knit the Fetlar hat.

Two winners drawn at random will be sent the Shetland Tundra yarn.

If you would like to knit the Fetlar hat then leave a comment & if you can answer my question about the opal yarns being superwash or not that would be great too !

Runs from Januray 1st 2016 TO 31st January 2016


  1. Oh yes, I'd love to have a chance at the yarn for the darling hat. And thanks for the 'greener grass' photo... I needed a laugh just now.

  2. I have bad news for you - most, if not all, Opal yarns are superwash. They don't always specify this on the yarn labels, but if your yarns have a sign on their labels noting that the yarn is machine washable at 40 degrees or if the label says 'waschmaschinenfest', then it's superwash wool.

    And thank you for the chance!

    1. Thank you for the info, sad news for me. I only wear hand knit socks & mostly opal socks. I checked out the label & it does say wash at 40c but some of my yarns say 75% schurwolle-virgin wool. I think will send them a message on Monday. Thanks Doville !

  3. I would love to a chance to win that luscious-sounding Tundra yarn and knit that beautiful hat!

  4. Pleased to see this fencing works without the need for electricity flowing through it :-). I am constantly looking for a hat pattern that I like. LOVE your Fetlar Tundra hat so much and grey is my favorite color! Thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Hi Rain, yes it does work but you have to keep an eye on them. I usually put the fencing out on a morning move the sheep in for half an hour then move them back to the other open pastures. I have 5 permanent pastures & rotate them almost daily. More work but i don't really mind, i like looking after them !

    2. Hi Qiviut Queen! I understand how you love looking after your sheep. I keep a herd of angora rabbits. Out to pasture in our back yard in the morning then in at evening. They love the cool weather now with their long hair, and I've never had to mow the grass. (bonus) Thank you for a chance to win the yarn for the Tundra hat :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. That hat looks so warm and cozy, and I can only imagine what it's like in wool qiviut blend! I would love the chance to make it.

    As mentioned by another, I'm seeing Opal wool noted as superwash.

  7. Beautiful hat. I love the cables.

  8. I'm knitting myself a vest with Navajo churro sheep's wool - somewhat coarse. I'd love to pair it with the hat in a softer yarn.

  9. It would be fun to knit this hat, I love the cables :D

  10. The hat looks super warm and cute!

  11. I just got finished making a baby blanket out of superwash merino. I saw this hat and loved it. I do not have much hair so my head is cold all the time. This hat would be perfect. Thanks

  12. Since buying my own home with my 8 year old daughter we don't have the funds like we did to buy new yarn and would love to try this out! Always pleased with the products I've purchased previously!

  13. I love your hat! Wearing the cables on the side is a great idea - sounds very dashing. Asymmetry is always good in my world. Too bad about the Opal yarn. With proper care, yarn does not have to be superwash. Personally, I opt for alternative fiber blends: alpaca, qiviut, cashmere, mohair, bamboo, etc. Most of these when blended with a bit of wool, don't shrink as long as you hang or spread out to dry.

    1. Hi Guilt Guru,
      I have been told that Opal for the past 2 years have been testing & added a non superwash yarn that is more Eco friendly....thank goodness for that, i can continue to knit my socks with Opal. They also said that there is a big push in Europe to ban ALL Superwash yarns. That means they will not be even allowed past European customs once the bill comes into effect. I totally agree with you in the use of Natural animal & plant blends. They are so lovely to work with & well worth the extra money for the enjoyment & time invested in our craft.

  14. What a beautiful pattern. I've been knitting lave for too long and its time to get my cables on!

  15. What a beautiful pattern. I've been knitting lave for too long and its time to get my cables on!

  16. I too prefer a wool that is not superwash! Thanks for the opportunity to knit this hat in a wonderfuly soft and warm yarn!

  17. I love knitting cables and would be thrilled to try knitting with a qiviut blend!

  18. What a cute pattern! A qiviut blend would be perfect for keeping me warm over the frigid Alaskan winter.

  19. A beautiflu hat and cable pattern. :)

  20. Your hat is scrumptious! I'm on the prowl for a now pattern, so this is being downloaded to my iPad and I'm on the search for the perfect yarn. I love cables! I believe I read above your answer to the Opal yarn being superwash, and yes, most are (but not all).

    1. Hello there !
      Your a winner. Your entry number was the 1st number generated
      please contact me with your details....congrats !

  21. Dear Qiviut Queen, I am so excited to knit your cabled hat. Having a Scottish heritage (MacFarlane clan), I have a consistent draw to anything with cables. They are my favorite thing to knit. I would love to knit this hat with your lovely yarn that the hat was designed to be knit with. I have just found your blog and have definitely bookmarked it. It is very interesting. Thanks for the patterns!!! (how do I enter for the drawing?) Thanks!

    1. Rebekah you are already of Luck with your entry !

  22. I'm already in love with your new yarn! Shetland is one of my fav fibers and I can't imagine the blend as anything less than remarkable!

    tktl on Ravelry

    1. Hello, your our second winner. Congratulations. I will contact you via Ravelry for your details.

  23. I would love to knit that hat!

  24. That is a wonderful match of yarn and hat.
    The opal sock yarn I have used has all been superwash.
    You could make a small swatch and tie it to something and throw it in the washer. Meanwhile I will check with my German speaking knitting friend and find out what superwash is in German and you can look and see if it is on the label. Also are there the international symbols for how to treat the wool ie washing machine icon, dryer icon, dry cleaning icon etc ? if there is a washing machine not xed out it is fine.

    1. Thank you Bonnie, i heard back from Opal & most of their yarns are superwash, however the newer sock yarns are treated in a New way that is more Eco-friendly so i will be purchasing them in the future. The EU is pushing for a complete ban on Superwash yarns & knitwear....I'm very pleased to say.

  25. Lovely hat and yarn! Nothing like a pretty cable to dress up a hat.

  26. I'm very interested in your yarn with qiviut; I've never used it before. It's time I made a new hat, and your give-away would just fit the bill, with time to make it before Spring!

  27. I would love to knit that hat. It would be the perfect gift for a friend who is currently stuck in the blizzard.

    May (jarofmayo on ravelry)

  28. I love your design for this hat.
    Your patterns just keep getting better. I think that the head band pattern was/is awesome & you come up with something I like as much or more. :)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Thank you for the lovely pattern, would love to win the yarn for it!


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