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Easy to knit Shrug.....Giveaway for April 2016

I'm going through a shrug phase again.....

                                     And its still cold here !

And what's not to love about a shrug. Its the perfect quick fix when your feeling just a little chilled & in need of only a little coverage. So easy to knit even though i am DROWNING in projects, not to mention ideas for my New line of Baby hats Inspired by our little Princess Ruby !

Afterall, a shrug is only a rectangle with a bit of sleeve shaping.
This is the cabled version I'm working on today.......not quite finished, still got the left sleeve shaping to do. When complete the pattern will be on my Shetland wool site for FREE. Will add all the page links when i finally get it finished ! 

 My Quick knit shrug is this little beauty below.......knit from Shetland Tundra yarn with 15% Qiviut !
I dyed the grey yarn Navy blue & wanted it plain to go with my dress for Ruby's Birthday party on Saturday.....already a year old, my time does past fast. On Saturday its supposed to be 10 degree' barmy !
Deep ribbed cuffs-4.5'' inches long
I love deep ribbed cuffs because you can pull them back & they just stay there ! The yarn too has lots of bounce & holds it shape really well. The shrug is soft & warm but not too warm-perfect for a Spring day. 
This shrug has No fronts, its simply a rectangle with sleeve shaping !
Is a close fitting garment.
the measurements: Armspan-56'' inches.
armpit to wrist-17.5'' inches
Depth-back neck to hem-26'' unraveld & raveled edge-22''
Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

I will add the pattern here so you can knit your own. Please check back later next week.

Here's what you have to do to win a shrug-yes ready knit :

Leave your comment & choose any one of these colours below. I will hand dye the yarn & knit your Shrug. All i will need from the winner is your armpit To wrist measurement !

Stock photo from cottage craft angora 

Colours from Left TO Right: Hunter green, Sky, Red, Purple, Raven Black, Mahogany, Raspberry, Egyptian Red, Rosewood, Navy blue & Azalea

One winner drawn at random.
Runs from 14th April TO 14th May 2016

Best of Luck to you all !

                                            Will share more lamby pictures next blog post


  1. I would love the kit in Sky to go with a sleeveless dress I have!

  2. It's a tough choice, but I think the Rosewood color is my favorite! It'd go nicely with several of my favorite dresses.

  3. Beautiful pattern! I would love one in navy

  4. What a lovely offer! I don't have any shrugs, but I'd love one in Rosewood, please.

  5. Due to my dress and top collection, the raven black would be the most versatile for me please.

    1. You are the winner !
      Please contact me with your details - name, address & underarm measurement. Congratulations to you.

    2. Thank you so very much. What's the best way to get the information to you?

    3. Please contact me at cottageqiviut(at)outlookdotcom
      Thanks Julie !

  6. I would like a shrug in Raven Black.

  7. I would love to own something in Shetland wool since I raise some Shetland sheep. What a generous offer, thank you. I am a greenie so hunter green would be my choice, but all the yarn colours are beautiful.

  8. That's very generous of you! Thank you for the chance! I love sky blue the most.

  9. Looking forward to this pattern. And I'd love to knit it in Rosewood. tktl on Ravelry

  10. What a lovely piece. I'd definitely go for Mahogany ��

  11. wonderful of you to offer this to your followers!!! If i win....purple is the color of choice

  12. Beautiful colours and nice pattern! I wonder if you have diagramme pattern for this. I would love the Azalea.

  13. I would love the shrug in Raven Black as I find knitting with black yarns too difficult now. Since I love to wear black and I love to wear hand knit garments this is a fabulous solution for me, although I hope knitting with black isn't too hard for you!

  14. I would be very excited about the shrug in ''Hunter Green'' colour!

  15. Black would be practical, but I love purple!

  16. Raven Black for year-round use. It's a lovely pattern and another exciting giveaway!

  17. Raven Black to go with everything.

  18. Navy blue would go well with my summer dresses :-)

  19. Navy blue goes year around. Thank you for another fantastic contest.

  20. Wait?! You dye the yarn and then knit up a beautiful shrug for someone to win? I'm astounded! What a lovely thing to do! I think Rosewood is beautiful.


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