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Lotus Hat pattern

To Find the Lotus hat pattern pls go to the ''knitting patterns'' page above. Here is the link to the pattern: That will be the page that i post all free patterns to ..... go see !

Over the coming months i will try and list as many shetland wool patterns as possible so you always have something to knit in lovely Affordable shetland wool

You might also want to check out my other blog for a chance to win some Luxurious qiviut-muskox yarns !

The September and October blog will feature the Lotsu Hat Kit in 50% qiviut-50% merino and a Lotus 'Circle scarf'....... enter for your chance to win some gorgeous yarn to make this soft warm hat for yourself or to gift to someone special !

Link to the Ravelry KAL for the Lotus hat:


  1. Hi,
    I am trying to make this hat and I seem to have a problem when beginning the decrease. At the end
    of Row 8 (the top part) I have 96 stitches. When I begin the 1st row of 20 that row only calls for using 91 stitches, so I have 5 stitches left over. Can you please help me to figure out what I am doing wrong. Thank you!

    1. Hi there !
      I will go into Ravelry & take a look at this tomorrow to try & help you figure out where the pattern is going wrong for you.I will send the reply to this post.

    2. Were you able to find out what is going on with this? Thank you!

    3. Hello Sue, no i can not see where you can be going wrong. There is a Ravelry group page kAL for this hat. The group has gone quiet but you may find something that may be of help. The group is called ''Lotus hat knit-a-long''. I would love to knit this hat again so will cast on another hat this afternoon & in doing so, may be able to figure out where your having problems. Let me know if your still struggling with it. Best regards Lorraine

  2. Is there a link to this group? I cant seem to find it. I love this it your pattern? I would like to give more of an explanation as to what I am experiencing with this.

    1. Are you a member of Ravelry ? My Ravelry name is The-Qiviut-Fairy, check out my projects page for the Lotus hat kal & it will lead you to the group. There is no way to link it in the comments section but i will try to add a link to this post. You will need to reload the page to see the link !
      This is not my pattern. I can't remember who supplied it.

  3. SO I found the original pattern and see the error in your translation of it. In line 1 of the last 20 rounds you have an extra K1 at the beginning. Removing that makes it work out fine. :)

  4. Thanks for finding that error. i will be finishing this hat over the weekend


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